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uln2003apg integrated circuit

ULN2003APG Integrated Circuit

The ULN2003APG is a versatile integrated circuit designed to drive high-current loads with ease. This IC is an array of seven NPN Darlington transistors, each capable of handling up to 500mA of current and 50V of voltage, making it ideal for driving relays, motors, and lamps.

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uln2003apg integrated circuit diagram

ULN2003APG Integrated Circuit Diagram

The ULN2003APG consists of seven NPN Darlington pairs. Each Darlington pair consists of two transistors that provide high current gain, allowing the IC to drive loads that require more current than a single transistor can handle.

ULN2003APG Integrated Circuit FAQs

The ULN2003APG is an integrated circuit consisting of seven NPN Darlington transistor pairs. It is designed to drive high-current loads such as relays, motors, and lamps. Each channel can handle up to 500mA and withstand voltages up to 50V.

  • Driving relays
  • Controlling stepper motors
  • Switching lamps and LEDs
  • Driving high-current loads in various electronic projects

The ULN2003APG has seven channels, each with its own input and output, allowing it to control up to seven separate loads.

A Darlington pair is a configuration of two transistors that provides high current gain. This allows a small input current to control a much larger output current, making it ideal for driving high-current loads.

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