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Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc.
Catalog Linear – Amplifiers – Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps
Description IC OPAMP GP 8MHZ 8SOIC
Datasheet OP27GSZ-REEL7 Datasheet
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Product Details


Product Overview: OP27GSZ-REEL7

The OP27GSZ-REEL7 is a precision operational amplifier (op-amp) from Analog Devices Inc., renowned for its high-quality electronic components. This particular model is designed to offer superior performance in applications requiring low noise and high stability. It is part of the OP27 series, which are known for their low-noise characteristics and precision, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including instrumentation, medical devices, and professional audio equipment.

Key Features

  • Low Noise:The OP27GSZ-REEL7 boasts an ultra-low noise floor, making it suitable for sensitive applications where signal integrity is paramount.
  • High Precision:With its precision specifications, this op-amp ensures accurate signal amplification and processing, minimizing errors in the system.
  • Stable Operation:The device’s high stability reduces the risk of oscillations and provides reliable performance over a wide range of conditions.
  • Wide Supply Range:It operates across a wide supply voltage range, accommodating various power requirements and enhancing the flexibility of system design.


The OP27GSZ-REEL7 is versatile and can be used in numerous applications, including:

  • Precision instrumentation
  • Medical equipment
  • Professional audio equipment
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Active filters
  • Process control

Product Specifications

The OP27GSZ-REEL7 is provided in a surface-mount package and is available in tape and reel form for automated assembly processes. It features a single amplifier per package, with an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, ensuring functionality in a broad range of environments.

Ordering Information

The product is sold under the part number OP27GSZ-REEL7, indicating that it is supplied in a 7-inch reel, typically housing thousands of units for bulk processing. This packaging is convenient for large-scale production and ensures safe and secure delivery of the components.

With its exceptional performance characteristics, the OP27GSZ-REEL7 from Analog Devices Inc. is a top choice for designers and engineers who require a reliable and high-quality operational amplifier for their demanding applications.

Products specifications

Categories Integrated Circuits
Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc.
Packaging Reel – TR
Status Active
Amplifier Type General Purpose
Number of Circuits 1
Slew Rate 2.8 V/μs
Gain Bandwidth Product (GBP) 8MHz
Current – Input Bias 15nA
Voltage – Input Offset 30μV
Supply Voltage – Operating ±4 V to 18 V
Temperature Range – Operating -40°C to 85°C
Mounting SMD (SMT)
Case / Package 8-SOIC
Family Name OP27
Introduction Date September 22, 2005
Country of Origin Philippines
Halogen Free Compliant
Estimated EOL Date 2019
Is this a common-used part? Yes
Popularity High
Fake Threat In the Open Market 58 pct.
Supply and Demand Status Balance

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