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Top Capacitor Manufacturers 2024

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In the dynamic landscape of electronic components, capacitor manufacturers play a key role in shaping the trajectory of the industry. These capacitor manufacturers exemplify their commitment to quality, technological advancement and customer satisfaction, setting the benchmark for the entire industry.

Let’s explore the top capacitor manufacturers of 2024, their contributions, and their impact on the electronics ecosystem.

What Is a Capacitor?

what is capacitor
what is capacitor

Capacitor manufacturers make capacitors, a key electronic component that stores and releases electrical energy within circuits.

These capacitor manufacturers utilize specialized materials and advanced technologies to create capacitors that manage charge effectively.

Then, capacitors work by storing charge between two conducting plates, which are separated by an insulating material called a dielectric.

This mechanism enables capacitors to temporarily store energy and discharge it when needed, making them indispensable in a variety of electronic applications.

capacitor manufacturers

Uses of Capacitors 

As we all now,Capacitors have a wide range of uses in various electronic circuits and systems due to their ability to store and release electrical energy. Some common uses of capacitors include:

Control boards for water heaters

Control boards for air conditioners, refrigerators, and other air conditioning equipment

Control boards for TVs and recorders

Computer control platforms and AC adapters

Power devices for power factor correction in substations

These are just a few examples of the many uses of capacitors in electronic circuits, highlighting their versatility and importance in modern technology.

The Principle of Capacitor

what does a capacitor do

Capacitor manufacturers are pivotal in crafting devices that harness electrical energy storage capabilities. These manufacturers employ specialized materials and cutting-edge methodologies to fabricate capacitors that efficiently capture and discharge charge.

Their focus is on the careful selection of conductive and insulating components, as well as optimal plate and dielectric configurations.

Capacitor manufacturers strive to produce components that meet the diverse needs of electronic devices and systems by prioritizing quality craftsmanship and innovative engineering, thereby ensuring enhanced performance and reliability.

Type of Capacitor

types of capacitors
types of capacitors

Capacitor manufacturers produce various types of capacitors, including electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, and double-layer capacitors.

Electrolytic capacitor:

Electrolytic capacitors employ a metal anode that undergoes surface treatment to create an oxide layer, serving as the dielectric. Meanwhile, the cathode utilizes an electrolyte solution, often an aqueous electrolyte. Aluminum is a widely preferred choice for anode materials, valued for its performance and cost efficiency.

Film Capacitors:

Film capacitors use metal foil or vapor-deposited metal as electrodes and a plastic film as the dielectric material. However, film capacitors are non-polar and suitable for use in AC circuits.

Electric Double Layer Capacitor

Electric double-layer capacitors do not use a dielectric. Instead, a boundary layer called the electric double layer serves to store charge.

Top Capacitor Manufacturers 2024

TTI Inc. 

TTI Inc. distributes capacitors for a variety of industrial applications. Its line of products includes silicon, feed-through, run, tantalum, supercapacitor, and trimmer capacitors, among others. It also offers labeling, packaging, marking, and documentation services.

The company has its headquarters located in Fort Worth, TX, and was founded in 1971.

Win Source Electronic Technology Ltd.

Win Source Electronic Technology Ltd. distributes fixed and variable capacitors including PTFE, tantalum, niobium oxide, and electronic double-layer capacitors, among other types. The company has its headquarters located in Spokane, WA, and has been in business since 1999.

McNaughton-McKay Electric Co. 

McNaughton-McKay Electric Co. supplies the aerospace, communication, computer, consumer electronics, automotive, appliance, and medical industries, among others, with wiring devices such as capacitors. The company has its headquarters located in Madison Heights, MI, and has been in business since 1910.

Essex Brownell 

Essex Brownell distributes motor renewal parts such as fan blades, as well as eyebolts, brushes, bearings, pulleys, thermostats, thermistors, and much more. The company is located in Fort Wayne, IN, and serves the residential, energy, commercial, automotive, and aerospace industries, among others. It was founded in 1938.

Arrow Electronics, Inc. 

Arrow Electronics, Inc. distributes a variety of capacitors including ceramic, axial lead, DC, chip, fixed, foil, metalized film, and much more. The company has its headquarters located in Centennial, CO, and has been operating since its founding in 1938.

Inductoheat, Inc. 

Inductoheat, Inc. operates as a manufacturer and finishing service company, offering replacement parts such as capacitors, as well as chokes, transformers, bus sheet metal assemblies, inductor coils, silicon-controlled rectifiers, and much more. The company was founded in 1962, and its headquarters is located in Madison Heights, MI.

Murata Electronics North America, Inc. 

Murata Electronics North America, Inc. manufactures a variety of electronic components including high-voltage and monolithic ceramic capacitors. The company has its US headquarters located in Smyrna, GA, and was established in 1993.

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc.

 Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. The company was founded in 1909. Operated as a manufacturing company, it offers a range of electronic components including various types of capacitors such as Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Oil Filled Capacitors, Film Capacitors, Motor and High Voltage Capacitors, Mica Capacitors, etc. including Standard Capacitors, and Custom Configurations.


ABB is a manufacturer and service company that designs and installs power and automation technologies. Its line of products includes control systems, drives, motors, generators, robotics, transformers, and much more. The company is headquartered in Cary, NC, and has been in business since 1988. 


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