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7493 integrated circuit

7493 Integrated Circuit

7493 is a widely used 4-bit binary counter IC from the 74xx series of TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) devices. It is designed for various counting applications, such as frequency division, digital clocks, and timing circuits.

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7493 integrated circuit diagram

7493 Integrated Circuit Diagram

The 7493 IC is a 4-bit binary counter, commonly used for counting applications in digital systems. It consists of four flip-flops connected in a way that allows it to count from 0 to 15 in binary.

7493 Integrated Circuit FAQs

7493 IC is a 4-bit binary counter from the 74xx series of TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) integrated circuits. It is designed to count in binary from 0 to 15 (0000 to 1111) and is commonly used in digital counting and timing applications.

The 7493 IC contains four flip-flops internally arranged to count in binary. Each flip-flop represents one bit of the 4-bit binary count.

The 7493 IC has two clock inputs:

  • CLK A (Pin 1): Clock input for the first flip-flop (FF1).
  • CLK B (Pin 6): Clock input for the divide-by-8 section (FF2, FF3, and FF4).

The 7493 IC counts sequentially from 0 to 15 in binary when triggered by clock pulses applied to CLK A. Each clock pulse increments the count by one.

The 7493 IC has two reset inputs:

  • R01 (Pin 2): Reset input 1.
  • R02 (Pin 3): Reset input 2. Both reset inputs must be high (logic 1) to reset the counter to 0 (0000).

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